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What do people have to say about 

Dr. Calyn Carlton

I have been working with clients of all ages and diagnoses for over 8 years, and have specialized in motherhood over the past 2 years.  Here's what clients (both past and present) have to say about me:

Grandmother and Granddaughter


Dr. Calyn gave me entirely new skills for approaching pelvic floor exercises than I've ever received in the past. She started with focused breathing techniques and advanced to specific exercises to fit my situation while maintaining the emphasis on controlled breathing. Her approaches and thoughtful language helped me to rethink many familiar exercises in different and more effective ways. When I described discomfort or pain with a routine movement, she was able to suggest subtle variations to relieve the discomfort and effectively resume the exercise. After only a few sessions with Dr. Calyn, I felt optimistic and empowered moving forward. 


M. Kramer MD


"I wish very much that every woman who has undergone childbirth or is preparing for childbirth could have the opportunity to work with Dr. Calyn or a similar specialist. Calyn broke down my exercises to their most basic level to re-teach my mind and body how to breathe with the proper pelvic floor functioning. This was a game changer for every part of my life. Re-learning to synchronize my breathing with the pelvic floor, core, and other strength training exercises taught me entirely new and effective skills for reconnecting and rehabbing my body post childbirth (and I was already 4 years post-child birth). I know so many women who struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction and I'm saddened by how few services are available to help and even how rare it is for women to talk about these body challenges that can eventually lead to severe health problems. Dr. Calyn's approachable, kind, patient, and gentle demeanor makes her practice all the more effective. Thank you Dr. Calyn for what you do!

Mother and Baby on Floor
Woman in Blue Tank Top

STRONG again

I was having some pelvic floor issues postpartum and she worked with me to rebuild my strength and get me back and functioning well. As a mom herself, she understands the challenges and is super knowledgeable so can both relate and help treat! I would recommend her to anyone I know who is pregnant or just had a baby!

- Bethany


As soon as I met Dr. Calyn I felt safe, comfortable and even excited to start this journey towards my best self. After working with her I have experienced pelvic floor healing from birthing my son, built muscle again in my core postpartum and have the confidence to exercise with great form in this new season of life. Dr. Calyn is honoring God by serving the women in our community, using her gifts to help us heal our bodies, renew our spirits, and live fully as the mothers we were called to be. If you are pregnant, just had a baby, or even have older children, I highly encourage you to schedule a consultation, it might change your life, I know it improved mine! Thank you Dr. Calyn!

- Alexandra

Mother with her Child
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