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More About Bloom Physical Therapy

Serving all generations of motherhood. 

The story of Bloom Physical Therapy goes back to my days as a college athlete, when friends would complain of pain or leaking during practice.  A couple years later, as a fitness coach, clients would tell me they couldn't do jumping jacks or had hip pain ever since having their children 20 years ago.  Once I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and began treating patients with back pain that got progressively worse through the years of motherhood.  Then I went through pregnancy and childbirth myself and gained an entirely new perspective on the body and miraculous transformations it goes through.  I also realized that my body didn't "just bounce back" like people talked about.  I went on my own journey of discovering all the little pieces of the puzzles of motherhood, and how to feel like myself again and get back to doing the things I love.  I am passionate about coming alongside women in the vulnerable and isolating season of motherhood and joining forces to LIVE THE GOOD LIFE.

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