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Solving Motherhood Pain

Diastasic Recti Recovery

Did you know that research shows 99% of women have diastasis by the end of their pregnancy? For some, the body heals on its own, but for many, a specified approach to strengthening and mobilizing its necessary.  Learn how to get your core back without surgery and other compensations. 

Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy aches and pains have become accepted as the 'normal' of growing a baby within you, but did you know that modifying daily activities can eliminate the pains you are dealing with?  Learn how to function pain free and maintain your strength throughout pregnancy to make delivery easier and recovery quicker.

Return to Fitness

Returning to fitness after having a baby can feel overwhelming and painful.  Learn how to safely regain your strength and get back to doing what you love! Hip pain, low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and weak core are all common impairments that are addressed. 

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